There is no such thing as over-communication

I recently transitioned from a software engineer to a product manager. I loved programming, but the grass looked greener on the other side where I could dictate the course of a product.

Even as an engineer I had the tendency to see things from a holistic perspective. When I was asked to build something, I liked asking questions like “Why are we implementing this feature?”, “Why are we spending so much time on something that we’re not sure the users will use?”. …

Even if you don’t know how to code if you have these traits, you can be an exceptional programmer.


I feel like preaching the message that coding is not just for the computer science majors.

I see more and more people who’re keen to learn how to code, but they don’t know how and where they need to start. Most of the people I saw tried learning a little bit then stopped because they didn’t feel like they were making much progress.

The road to becoming a good programmer seems very far away. It feels like forever before they can launch their own app, and that feels demotivating. …

It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you do.

It seems like learning to code is becoming a trend. Recently, I’ve been seeing more and more people wanting to learn how to code, either to start a business or to keep up to date with the latest technology.

To provide a brief background about myself, I was fortunate enough to have a natural interest in programming. The prospect of creating something out of nothing was fascinating. …

How a series of random events led to a profound revelation

It was a long day at work and the thought of getting on a packed subway gave me a headache. So I decided to Uber back home.

I had unusually many questions that day, about life, where I’m going. Anxiety caused by these unanswered questions was becoming a burden to my heart. They didn’t like to go away. They lingered at the back of my mind the whole day.

While my mind still troubled, I open the app to call a driver. Just a couple of minutes in, the app tells me that an Uber is on the way. …

There is a whole new world out there yet to be explored

Just imagine this, what if the world that we live in is not real?

What if we’re like the sleeping people in the movie Matrix. The sleepers think the dream is their reality, seeing cars, buildings, gadgets which they can touch and feel as if they are real. They do not doubt their reality a single bit.

But we obviously know as someone watching from the screen they are blind. It’s interesting to ponder upon the idea that there is no evidence that we’re not in one of these simulations ourselves.

What if we are still yet to be woken…

Be authentic instead.

Do you feel like you have to be nice all the time?

Are you like me and feel like you have to put a smiley face at the end of every sentence sending a message over Slack or WhatsApp so that others won’t feel offended?

I realized that was a habit, and I felt like I wasn’t connecting with the other person. I wondered why.

Forced smiley faces were an attempt to make the message sound more welcoming. I realized that I wasn’t being real when I was doing that all the time.

The reaction wasn’t from my heart but…

Step 2: Where Did God Place You To Make a Change?

Confusing isn’t it? Being Churchgoers, we’ve heard that God has a great plan for us to the point that our ears tingle. The question is, how do we know what it is?

Does he want me to start a business? Okay, what kind of business do you want me to start God? Do you want me to get into writing? Please show me what you want me to write about.

This seemed like a never-ending cycle, I would ask God about this, do a little bit of it and think maybe that it’s not for me and try another. …

Let yourself shine by harnessing these five simple habits

Ever wondered how some people just seem to know what the right thing to say or do is?

It’s no magic, these people weren’t born that way. What they have in common is a strong desire to contribute and to make things work better. They’ve learned is that it’s a compounding effect of skills, wisdom, and habits that must be integrated into their character. They also constantly reflect, scrutinize, and improve.

So to be effective, instead of disbelieving ourselves by saying that we have no natural talent, we must diligently seek out the reasons behind what makes people effective and…

God’s got this

Keep still.
Let me handle it.
Trust me.
Do not lean on your own understanding.
What you are worried about, It’s just an illusion.

Let’s meditate.

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still
Exodus 14:14

This is from the part where Moses was leading the Israelites and they were blocked by the Red Sea, while the Egyptian army was roaring towards them from behind in their chariots and horses.

Let’s get into Moses’s shoes a little here.

Moses met God in the burning bush.
Moses received a clear message from God telling him to go to…

What does it take to be named the greatest King of Israel?

I have been reading Psalms 1 and was praying for the Holy Spirit to speak to me through the verses.

I began to wonder how much did David have to love God that he was crowned with the name of the greatest King of all Israel? What did David do to get a name that’s almost 3000 years old but is still being remembered to this day? Have you noticed that the name David never gets old, and is all around us? Ha ;) God speaking.

I must admit, I have an aspiration to be effective in Kingdom’s work, and…

Kyle Jung

Software Engineer who aims to make the world a better place by helping people discover their potential

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